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  • http://www.peggywashburn.com Peggy

    Thank you all for those kind words (especially the ex-wife one), they made my day. Simbarashe takes really great pictures and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Reeve

    A real New Yorker with personal flair.

  • Abby

    Such a beautiful woman with such individual style that is so artistic.

  • madeline Kennedy

    She really is beautiful. Who is that woman?

    • Simbarashe

      I met her near the Mulberry Street Fair on a Thursday in Soho; I was actually en route to a photoshoot that day. I had just been thinking, It would be great if I took a photo of someone on this block, right now with the current light. She appeared immediately after. The first time I went to shoot her she made this awesome pose, a man on a cell phone bumbled his way into the frame, so we had to wait for him (and traffic) to clear and do it again.

      These are generally difficult shots to get, when the sun sets behind my subject on the other side of tall buildings, because they should be silhoutted but they’re not quite, and it’s hard to find a good manual focus when the autofocus won’t lock, because it’s very difficult to see the person. There are some early photos on the blog that didn’t come out tack-sharp because I was still getting the hang of it. I’m thankful that she turned out as clearly as she did.

  • K.D.


  • John

    She looks just like my ex-wife.

  • Kenny

    This woman is beautiful. How do you find them?