Tata Naka FW15*

Tata Naka FW15.

London Fashion Week

There’s a swanky party going on and we’re all invited, but at the end of the night someone’s going to end up dead and we’ll all be suspects. The Tata Naka FW15 40-piece collection runs the gamut from the familiar and signature pink/aqua palate combinations to some serious blockage (seen here). But sisters Tamar and Natasha Surguladze waited for the final round of looks to up the ante on the mystery. Surrounded by walls with silhouetted chalk outlines, the last of the Tata Naka FW15 dresses featured profiles of faces at the murder mystery dinner. This must be an homage to Clue, one of my favourite childhood boardgames and films, and the pieces—and faces—together in close proximity made for a striking ensemble of usual suspects. It was a little more playful than much of the other stuff that I saw at London Fashion Week, which begs the question: Why does everything always have to be so serious? We’re only talking about a murder here, after all.


tata naka fw15 2
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tata naka fw15
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tata naka fw15

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