Hotel Chantelle, New York | 19.00 pm

You may or may not have noticed, but Lord Ashbury is currently undergoing some minor changes. After mulling with the idea of hiring someone to write a new layout (I don’t have time to do it), it occurred to me that getting exactly what I want will cost me more than I currently have to spend. So instead, I’ve been quietly adding a few tweaks to the blog’s functionality. You may have noticed the new follow links above for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may have also noticed that I added an Instagram feed below to accompany the random posts and Pinterest feeds. I have some major cosmetic shifts in the works as well, but I’m not quite ready to deploy them yet. Anyway, I hope you like the changes for the better, because there will be more to come.

The photos at this post were taken on Hotel Chantelle’s rooftop and reflect two different parties that were literally happening right next to each other.