Above: Hanging out with Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar at The Tate Modern, London.

Last Friday, I posted my first ‘official’ TGIF entry. (I say ‘official’ because this has been a longstanding tradition on Lord Ashbury Facebook!) Just yesterday I received this rather wonderful email from a woman by the name of Janet:


Here’s a story that you’ll appreciate. An old friend and I met in 1996 at school in Dallas. We graduated in 1999 and moved to LA (interesting, since most of our classmates stayed in Dallas or at least the state of Texas). We remained friends for years but then lost touch with one another. I moved back to NY in 2005. Last Friday I saw your TGIF post and marveled at how much the main featured woman looked like my friend. I returned to the images several times over the weekend and finally did some research on Monday. The photos are in fact of her, and she very much so lives in NY. I sent her an email, and we will soon have a reunion (once our schedules allow for it). Fabulous, no?


And I started the TGIF series last week simply because I personally needed a reason to smile that morning! So the verdict is in, the TGIF posts will continue for a long, long time! By the way, Janet is a woman whom I photographed last spring in New York for the blog. I love her because she emails once every few months on posts like these with stories of how certain photographs or stories on the Lord Ashbury serve as a personal connection to her life. I think it’s the highest form of compliment one can receive for their work. In fact, every email I receive from a reader is just another reason why complaining about whatever my life situation is at a given moment isn’t as necessary as being thankful for all of the cool nods you guys send my way. So with that, have a happy and prosperous Friday guys, and you know, keep on smiling!