Ocean Avenue, Miami.

South Beach is a difficult place to walk through on a weekday afternoon. Everyone’s at work. Sure, you have you pick of the perfect beach spot without being overrun by other beachgoers, but the quest for a good photograph is all the more challenging because nobody is around. (By contrast, like vampires, people start filtering in around sun down and things really heat up.)

Luckily, I found this chorus of lovely ladies on the return trip back to the hotel, after an hour of nothing but empty streets. When I first saw them, they were having a walk-thru for the show they were about to perform (where, I don’t know, I never asked). I actually thought, don’t bother taking their photo, it’s going to turn out way too cheesy. But–and only because–I had virtually nothing else to show for, I sort of stopped and observed them for a few seconds across the street; I’m thinking–hoping that by some fortune I could figure out how to photograph them. And then the most randomly normal thing happened: a family of four came riding along on their bicycles; the children slowed down, the father stopped completely between me and the women in the street, he reached into his pocket and whipped out a little point-and-shoot, and before taking the photo, the women burst into the most beautiful smiles ever. Whereas when I passed by I only saw a group of costumes, I finally saw them, and they were who I wanted to capture.