The Sartorialist.

This past weekend I attended The Sartorialist book signing at the Danziger gallery in Chelsea.

Meeting Scott Schuman and (bonus!) Garance Doré was great, but especially because we got to meet them together. Socially speaking, in person Scott was in a generally good mood. When I handed my compliments and threw out the obligatory throwaway small talk, he returned and engaged with tidy eloquence. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that. Garance on the other hand is as jovial as everybody says she is, and yet somehow she still manages to exceed expectations.

Anyway, here’s my document of the evening:

Quick tangent: I’ve seen both Garance and Scott around the city but separately and under completely different circumstances–Garance in particular didn’t have her camera with her (or out) both times I saw her, and to double the oof I chickened out on asking if I could take her photo both times. When I introduced myself to her on Saturday, she shook my hand, looked at me for three good seconds before saying, “I’ve seen you before.” Score.