Thoughts on Berlin Street Style*

Thoughts Berlin Street Style
(as an Experience of Enrichment).


The decision of travelling to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin was not easy. The dates for Berlin fell right in between Milan Men’s and London Men’s, and just before Paris Haute Couture and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks. Most of my colleagues were attending one or more of the other ones, and I received a hefty amount of advice on the reasons why Berlin might be worth skipping. Maybe the collections wouldn’t be as good, certainly they wouldn’t be as high-profile, and Berlin reportedly is freezing at this time of year, so it would be too cold to be inspired on the street when everyone’s wrapped up in ugly winter coats. At this time of year, they said, Berlin street style is non-existent. Paris Haute in particular was looking good. But then I thought to myself, If nobody else is going to be there, I might as well be there–I might as well go and experience Berlin by myself and form my own opinions, and if good images are harder to come by, I’ll just have to learn to be patient. Luckily, my friend and colleague Devon was also planning to be in Berlin, so it was great to be around a familiar face, even if it came with a 7-floor walk up.

In short, what I found was that the advice from my colleagues was mostly true. But my decision to attend for the reasons I did really paid off as a result, including shooting Berlin street style in particular. No, the week isn’t teeming and bleeding over with fashionistas and extravagant statement pieces pouring out of private cars, and there were no Miras or Olivias that had photographers tripping over themselves to snap… as a matter of fact there weren’t that many photographers, period. Including myself I counted maybe 5 or 6 dedicated street photographers. They were all incredibly nice. And patient. And they communicated with each other. In fact, I had so much space and time that I got to settle in and only photograph the people who really inspired me, and in a sense, got back in touch with the things I loved most about photographing people when I first started Lord Ashbury. This seems like a lifetime ago.

This brings us to Ana, the lovely woman in the images on this post. I think the technical quality of these images was a direct result of the amount of space and time we had to work with. I spotted her at the Hien Le show, she was on her way inside the Kronprinzenpalais when I asked if she’d be so kind as to step out for a few photos. There were no other photographers around, and I loved her wardrobe so much that I really wanted these images to count. In a nutshell, that’s what the whole of Berlin Fashion Week ended up being for me, an experience that counted.

berlin street style (4)
berlin street style (5)
berlin street style (3)
berlin street style (2)
berlin street style

Ana is wearing:
Franzius (coat)
COS (scarf)
H&M Trend (jumper)
Zara (trousers)
Converse (shoes)
Bag Unknown (Scandinavian)