Tommy Ton waits for someone to photograph with the homies. It’s interesting to have been able to witness three of the world’s best street photographers (Tommy, Bill Cunningham and the Sartorialist) in action this past week. As mentioned in his post, Bill is sneaky active, in his own charmed world while he works and sniffs around like a curious animal. The Sartorialist on the other hand moves slowly and precisely, and jumps into action as soon as he sees what he likes. Tommy? He’s like the one cowboy in a saloon dust-up who keeps his gun in his holster during the bar fight until there’s only one person left standing. While other photographs go bat-crazy about snapping everything with legs that walks by, he mostly stands pat, and waits…and waits…

nonchalantly waits…

and he’ll be in mid-sentence about something and completely break off to shoot someone, snap snap snap, and it’s over.

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  • Katy

    Did you talk to him? His Jak and Jil blog is amazing.

    • Simbarashe

      Yes. He’s just a regular guy, with a camera in his hand. What he does with the camera is rather brilliant.