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  • rickrus

    i bet she saves money on clothes. 50%

  • http://www.gotopless.org gotopless.org

    Yes! Going topless is legal in NYC. GoTopless Day is Aug 26 2012 in honor of Women’s Equality Day. Gotopless.org for participating cities

    • Simbarashe

      There you have it.

  • Alice


  • Horacio

    i want to leave in New York!

  • o.

    I would imagine chaos for a young topless woman on the streets of NY. This is……….so serene. Odd.

  • Kenny

    you know what’s funny? i saw this and immediately thought, ‘yes! summer!’ LOL

  • Iris

    I just Googled her, she’s getting to be kinda famous! Nice shot and angle though, I really appreciate how you’re not objectifying her.

  • BK

    Wow. That’s so hot! I wish I knew the story behind this. Sexy!

  • Kelly

    WOW!!!!! Are you serious???!?!?!?