Prince Street.

You may be wondering why I haven’t been doing as many traditional, head-to-foot street style lately. With September just a few weeks away, I’ll be taking some classes, the days will be getting shorter, and for two weeks next month I’ll be away shooting at Fashion Week in London and (possibly) Paris. With the number of street style blogs in the netsphere, and with the number of blogs that will undoubtedly be presenting the same “queue-up so we can shoot you wearing what you came here to be shot in” stills, my mind is entirely somewhere else. I haven’t been seeing fashion, style on the street the way I did back in March or April. I’ve found myself more and more concerned with finding “moments” over wardrobe. The downside to this is that photos in my cannon have been more difficult to come by. While it can be stressful to some degree, I’d like to think that if I’m going to go back to Europe I’d better do it with all muscles firing. The hope–and it is indeed a hope–is that the photos seen here won’t be attainable elsewhere. Mammoth thinking, yeah I know. But if I’m going to do it I might as well do it real.