Wardrobe Malfunction, Berlin.

No, this model wasn’t suffering from malnutrition. These were the little things at Berlin Fashion Week that made me remember that the fashion industry has its own legs in different parts of the world that aren’t New York and Paris. Backstage at one of the shows, the clothes were rolled out and when it came time to do the model fittings, it turned out that nearly all of the clothes were several sizes too big. Standing in the middle of the room and shooting from right to left, I immediately noticed this, but the personal fitting assistants, only responsible for their individual models, were slow to realise that the problem was with the entire collection. I had to stop myself from laughing… hadn’t they fitted the models before the day of the show? Apparently not. I don’t speak German, but at some point the manager (definitely not the designer) screamed something in German that I can only guess was something like, “You mean ALL of the looks are oversized??”

Yes, all of the looks. The worst kind of wardrobe malfunction. She closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and calmed herself down. The show must go on, of course. As the design team went into creative overdrive I kept shooting—pins went into invisible places and within minutes the clothes were suddenly fitted (as best as possible) and ready for the runway. Just another day in the life of fashion.

wardrobe malfunction berlin