7 Questions for Noel Parenti

1. What’s fashion to you?
Fashion is an expression of one’s soul through the seasons …what I feel inside is represented outside in my appearance.

2. What must a suit convey to look good on you?
A suit must convey boldness, ambition and also leave some flexibility for me to dance in it!


3. How many ties do you own?
I am down to about 15 ties. I had Double the amount but I recently gifted ( not gave away they were all very nice) my old ones because I felt like they didn’t represent me anymore….I absolutely love ties.

4. What are you favourite stores to shop right now?
The ones that have SALES! My girlfriend turned me on to Loehmann’s and Century 21 is where I get most of my tie collection lately. Kenneth Cole is also a favorite… there are great sale there and what I usually find are classic styles with a drop of flair from the latest trends in their pieces. I occasionally venture to my favorite boutique… Epaulet in Carroll gardens Brooklyn and on Orchard St., Vintage and thrift stores are favored as well…some of my favorite clothing has been purchased from a thrift store.

5. The coolest, cheapest thing in your closet is:
A short sleeved black shirt from the 70’s. It fits like a glove, has a borderline butterfly collar and works on a summer night or a mild fall day. Bought it for $3 at a Goodwill thrift store in Lynchburg,VA.

6. What was the last fashion-related thing you Googled?
A classic haircut that was worn by some very inspirational African American men (Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Muhammed Ali). A new client of mine wanted a new hai and we Googled for references.

7. Complete this sentence: I look my best when:
I’m beside my lady.