New York*

A Case of Mondays…

Gansevoort Street, New York.

At some point over the holiday weekend, I was in a conversation about someone concerning the weather. As hot as it was, they were at least happy that it wasn’t winter. I thought about this… and realised that for the purposes of having a camera, I actually prefer the cold. Sounds insane, I know. But when you consider the notion of sweating all over your camera, photographing people who are especially self-conscious because they’re sweating all over themselves, and the sun happily washing everything out with its ultra-brightness, summer (at midday) is a horrible time to be outside, unless there’s a river, ocean or park involved. This is probably also an optimal time to be in a place like California—if nothing else, one can grab a 35mm and hit the PCH. Otherwise, good street perusing is done before 9am (which is when I ran into this lovely young lady in the Meatpacking District) or well after 6pm. So there’s a large chunk of the day sitting next to the fan now. Like I need to tan or something.

Wearing: Isabel Marant
Skirt: Zara

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