What began as a personal photo project soon grew into a leading destination for the celebration of street photography, portraiture, and the pursuit of high end fashion. Both my camera (and this journal) gained me access into some of the most storied fashion houses around the world, and has provided me with opportunities I never would’ve imagined having had otherwise. Four years and some 8,000 portraits later, I set Lord Ashbury aside as the climate of social media content evolved, exploded even to the point where journals and blogs (much like this one) were no longer necessary — there are far many more fashion images available online from when I first started; many of them are great, a few of them outstanding. But Lord Ashbury was always intended to be a place not just about beautiful imagery, but a written, documented, technical and philosophical account of my journey into photography, through fashion, and ultimately a career as a photographer.

It is with the stress of this intention, that Lord Ashbury continues.

— Simbarashe Cha

Simbarashe Cha by Amber Colburn

Since 2012.

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