Van Baerlestraat, Amsterdam.

Down outside the Rijksmuseum there is a huge lawn expansion that extends southwest toward Van Baerlestraat. I suppose depending on the time of the day and week you’re there, it’s probably filled with hundreds–if not thousands–of locals and tourists. But midday on a Tuesday, it was practically empty, lending toward it’s enormity (and the distance between the street and the museum itself–a sneaky long walk!). It was here that I met Lara, sitting with a friend on the turf incline that covers the parking garage. She was actually my very first portrait in Amsterdam, but I’d almost missed her. But the bright orange of her jumper caught my eye just as I had rounded the corner to head down the street. When I climbed the incline and asked if I could take her photograph, the best way I could describe her response was nicely suspicious. She asked a lot of questions, “Why do you want to take my picture? What’s it for? What kind of blog is it? Do you have a blog? Can I see it?” while her friend stood off to the side and giggled the entire time. After I’d given her all of the information and proof that I had, she didn’t quite relax, but disclosed, “I’m a photographer too, so I’m very particular.”

amsterdam street style