You’re probably no doubt reading up on the ramifications of the UK’s political decision to leave the EU, better known as BREXIT. If you’re a person of great hope and collaboration, especially if you’re younger, this news is perhaps a shocking blow to all of the values you hold near and true, especially in concerns to the political process. I’m of conflicted mind myself; I have three brothers who permanently live in the country though only two of them hold British passports. For many who dream big, tis a shocking blow.

Sometimes though, maddening things need to happen to enlighten those who are poised to want to fix the world to be better enabled to do just that when the time comes. Maybe the time came to face certain harsh realities: Not everyone is as socially accepting as you might be and in fact, there are perhaps just as many, if not more people who believe in precisely the opposite things that you do. It’s necessary to know these things because in order to change the world, one must know what odds they are truly up against in order to fully prepare for a battle of this calibre. It also could be mentioned with naysayers, that Europe as a continent cared more about the will of the people, perhaps the people of England would not be so hasty as to want to cede from it.

Just know, whatever your level of involvement may be within the culture, you still have it within you to be a beacon, to lead, to show the world by example that while another generation may be set in old traditionalist ways that have little place for comfort in the current society, you will remain poised to keep doing what it takes to make this a better place for everyone, including them, and with or without their help. Keep calm. Carry this on.

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