Chvrches @ Northside Festival

Brooklyn, New York

I was on a small hiatus for a few days (note: my Macbook was on hiatus) but I’ve finally got it back from repairs just in time to share these images I snapped of Chvrches at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn over the weekend. Chvrches are a band for me that came out of nowhere a couple of years ago with an infectious EP that I could not stop listening to. For the longest time I actually thought they were from Brooklyn until I heard singer Lauren Mayberry speak in an interview, just before their first LP dropped last summer. My friend (and occasional wedding assistant/shooter) Florence had been inviting me out to see Chvrches practically every time they come to New York, but until now I haven’t had the time. I caught their set on the live stream at Coachella this past year and interestingly enough came away with identical feelings after seeing them live—since this is an electronic band, the sound is basically like hearing the records played in public, but in a park (or ballroom, if you catch them there) in that the songs do not deviate from the albums. But Lauren Mayberry is an underrated singer, despite the fact that millions of people love this band; her voice is pitch-perfect and she never drops notes. For some reason, in 2014 I started to get the feeling that Chvrches were one of those bands that I probably didn’t need to see live since energy or passion or primal musicianship didn’t seem to be urgent qualities that they were inclined to exhibit on stage… but their set is super tight, and Iain Cook and Martin Doherty actually make way more out of their two-synthesiser setup than 95% of EDM DJs make out of digital turntables with a 100 knobs that effect the live sound significantly less than they want you to think.


lauren mayberry - chvrches
Lauren Mayberry - Chvrches
iain cook - chvrches
martin doherty - chvrches
lauren mayberry - chvrches