Erdem SS16*

Erdem SS16

London Fashion Week

erdem ss16

Some collections are so good that I grow inspired as I shoot it.

Actually, this is a phenomenally rare occurrence, one that only really happened twice before: the first time I shot Libertine at fall/winter ’14 New York Fashion Week, and Valentino’s fall/winter collection this past season in Paris. At the Erdem SS16 show this season, I kept photographing and thinking, This reminds me of Valentino. 

Of course, Erdem and Valentino are two very different houses that place an intelligently nuanced emphasis between their clothes: Erdem hides the silhouette in royal detail while Valentino opts for sleek aristocracy. These dresses have some nice soft touches in the details and yet they manage to somehow avoid being overtly feminine. That last point is a trend I’ve seen throughout much of the Fashion Week cycle thus far since New York. Still, it’s all very well executed here.


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