From Berlin.

I initially photographed her standing at the edge of the steps as she took in the grandness of the New York Library. While I usually snap photos and immediately move on, I paused for a few more moments to see what she’d do next. She turned around, and there was a special kind of happiness on her face. On most days, I hear New Yorkers complain about different New York things; things like traffic, trains, noise, other people complaining… and yet every day there are a million people are elated just to be here, and so many millions more who would do anything to get here. One of my readers commented on a recent photo how the pictures on Lord Ashbury make her want to “pack her bags and move to New York.” I’ll tell you, I’m happy to be here, too.

—Which is all fine and dandy, except that tangent wasn’t wanted I wanted to write for this post at all!
So, when I approached her and asked to take her photo, her friend immediately jumped in, turned the tables and began interviewing me! Not formally, mind you–but usually I’m met with the very basic “What’s the name of your blog?” No. She had follow-up questions to all of my answers, such that I very nearly forgot to ask where they were from.
“Where in Germany?”
“Thank you.”
“Aren’t you gonna write that down?”
“I’ll remember.”
“Are you sure???”

Anyway, that’s it for today. Expect more photos from the Streets of New York tomorrow, bright and early, same time as always.