Giles FW15 Backstage*

Giles FW15 Backstage.

London Fashion Week

When I found out that I’d been invited to Giles FW15 backstage, it became one of my premiere appointments during London Fashion Week. After the technicolour show that Giles Deacon put on for his Spring/Summer collection, I was highly interested to see what he had up his sleeve this time around. He didn’t disappoint with his gothic homecoming theme, held in the expansively empty Central Saint Martins building near Holborn. The show itself was to be held on the ground floor while makeup and fittings were on the third level; the models assembling for the show in between on the second. It was here where I spent the lion’s share of my time, literally as a fly on the wall. Between getting into a disagreement with Kendall Jenner on how lost she was (…she was) and witnessing the notoriously effervescent Anna Cleveland morph before my very eyes into EVERYTHING that Giles intended the clothes to be, this was truly an experience. The lineup being grounded by the likes of Julia Nobis, Mica Arganaraz and Edie Campbell wasn’t too shabby, either.

Enjoy, and TGIF!

giles fw15 backstage - jessica stam, issa lish
backstage giles fw15 - lily donaldson
backstage giles fw15 - edie campbell
backstage giles fw15 - aya jones
giles fw15 backstage - kinga rajzak
backstage giles fw15 - kinga rjzak 2
backstage giles fw15 - anna cleveland
backstage giles fw15 - esmerelda seay-reynolds
giles fw15 backstage - julia nobis
backstage giles fw15 - lily donaldson 2
backstage giles fw15 - aymeline valade
backstage giles fw15 - olympia campbell
giles fw15 backstage - kendall jenner, grace hartzel
giles fw15 backstage - saskia de brauw, iesha hodges, aymeline valade
backstage giles fw15 - esmerelda seay-reynolds, daiane conterato
giles fw15 backstage - jessica stam, issa lish
giles fw15 backstage - jacquetta wheeler, laura julie, aamito stacie lagum, mica arganaraz
backstage giles fw15 - kinga rajzak, kouka webb

Step into the night with Giles.