I love my Gourmet shoes. Let me say that again, I friggin’ LOVE Gourmet. The shoes are like a perfect mesh of street and sport, casual and class. On top of that, I find them to be infinitely more comfortable than other shoes in its class, like the one with the star, or the one with the swoosh. Their comfort is on par with the Adidas Samba, which is about as cushy as you can get outside of a running trainer. I’ve worn Gourmet with jeans, slacks . . . in London once I rocked a pair with a J. Crew Ludlow suit. My point is, they’re highly versatile. On their website, I’m always looking at the new releases and the sale section, where you can find some pretty good steals every now and then. They recently posted on their twitter account that they’re releasing a women’s line, and the maiden pairs are pretty swag.

Today I got my latest pair in the mail, the Ludwig Van limited edition (far right). As always, they fit nice and look clean! I decided to post some of my favourite pairs in order of age (because I’m cheesy like that). For the past year I’ve been harping the awesomeness of their line but figured it’s long overdue that I actually post about it. Holla back.

P.S. Hey Gourmet, any time you wanna just give some pairs away, call me. Please and thank you.