In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye*

Hello! Today is a little special because in for this post I’m running a couple of photos that were not taken by me. In fact, these are two very iconic photos that have appeared in Vogue magazine over the years.

On 6 December, HBO will be showing a brilliant documentary to mark the publications’s 120th birthday.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye is a celebration of the magazine’s rich and colourful history, but it mainly focuses on the different women who have helped usher it through it’s many different (and I do mean different) eras: the fashion editors. From the original Babs Simpson, to the fiery Polly Mellen and current editorial giant, Anna Wintour, there is plenty to learn about some of the most powerful women in the industry, past and present. I got the chance to screen the film earlier this week; you can read my review here.

Michaela Bercu Photo Credit: © Peter Lindbergh / courtesy HBO