Inch Beach*

Inch Beach.

County Kerry, Ireland

Here are some photos from my last day in Ireland. With some free time on our hands, I drove along with my assistant, Reuben, and friend/former roommate Marina from Killarney to a place called Inch Beach. On the word of advice, we pulled in around 7:30pm and took a dinner at a local favourite place called Sammys. Once there, we were greeted by a nice older gentleman who turned out to be Sammy himself (good catch by Marina). That part of the world is interesting because in the summers the days are longer, and if one is not careful, the day can really get away from you. We must have sat down for dinner at about 8pm, but it felt  like 4:30 in the afternoon, and so we treated it that way, disregarding the fact that we had to drop Marina back off in Killarney before heading up to Shannon for the night. So really, we drove all over the country that night, pulling in finally after midnight… but it was totally worth it. There was so much precipitation in the air that our camera rains sleeves were of little effectiveness, and after about 15 minutes had to abandon shooting altogether. There was a perpetual mist, and though it was raining everything completely wet, including us. Regarding Ireland, I’d definitely go back.


inch beach ireland - reuben moore
inch beach ireland - marina wonder
inch beach ireland - reuben moore 2
inch beach ireland 2
inch beach ireland - simbarashe cha