Juliana Schurig at Burberry, London.

Perks Field, Kensington Gardens.

You guys might remember that back in November I elected to take the leap and work on/shoot for Lord Ashbury full-time. I can tell you at the time that while my intentions were to not fail, the realistic (majority) side of my brain wasn’t sure at all. To be honest, 20-30% of me fully expected to be back in the workforce by July. But that 70-80% was like no way—I’ll be homeless before I go back. Somehow, that 20-30% turned into abject fear and you know, one has to avoid fear at all costs. Why am I telling you this? Because I’m inching closer to finalising my shooting/touring schedule for the remainder of the year, and there’s a great feeling of accomplishment associated with this. Never mind the money part, I’ll worry about that in 2015.

In the meantime, I’m spending my summer days in between projects shooting friends with my Fuji x100, the little digital 35mm that is both the smallest weapon in my arsenal and somehow most beloved—every time I publish a photo or series from that camera, multiple people are asking about it. I’m interested to see what happens when I really invest some time and passion in it.

Off-tangent and related to today’s post, the last time I was in Paris, I happened to run into model Juliana Schurig on the metro. Usually, if I photograph a model multiple times and feel like there’s some level of recognition both ways, I’ll formally introduce myself. It was interesting talking to Juliana and hearing about how she managed to get through the endless cycle of multiple runway shows and photographers in a single day during fashion week, but more interesting still that she seemed excited to talk about it (as if the fatigue, which is a real thing, hadn’t yet defeated her). And this being Paris, at the end of a month-long cycle of high-energy days, low sleep nights, was even more impressive. But the most interesting part of our exchange had nothing to do with runway shows . . . just the idea of being in Paris on metro talking to an exotic looking model who, as it turns out, is as All-American as they come, in English . . .

But of course, this photo happened in London.

I love my office.