Jupe by Jackie*

The Girls of Jupe by Jackie.

Boulevard des Invalides, Paris.

Wara Juana Gutierrez Mamani, Kate Villevoye and Caroline Koning.
One can usually count on finding this trio together on the streets of Paris during fashion week, delightfully coordinating in sartorial threads from Jupe by Jackie. Over the past couple of seasons they’ve become the face of the brand, but it isn’t just their delightful pop of colours that make them stand out—these young ladies smile, a lot, with legitimate excitement and happiness. It’s something that contagiously spills over onto the photographers; shooting this trio is fun, you want to put down work and hang out with them, feel as though you can do so and it makes capturing their image all the more rewarding. The clothes are fun, but they’re also very proper; they speak from another time when the term “dress down” didn’t exist. European at heart, the collection draws inspiration from the evolution of the women’s sartorial liberties during the Industrial Revolution (mainly, the skirted suit). There’s a real will in that, but it still allows for a versatility for emotion in wearing these pieces, and that’s a real plus. When I met the label’s founder, Jackie Villevoye, back in the fall of 2013, I was actually in the process of photographing her daughter, Kate, unbeknownst to me at the time. Jackie’s concern of course was with the clothes, as should be the case for any designer or stylist. But I admit, I was just a bit baffled; the girls were perfect.

kate villevoye - jupe by jackie
Caroline Koning - jupe by jackie
caroline koning and wara juana gutierrez mamani - jupe by jackie
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