King Brothers Clothiers*

The Highline, Chelsea | 11:00 am

Danny and Kenny King have a mission: they want to make the world a sartorial place, one man at a time. The twins from Minnesota founded King Brothers Clothiers, a brand dedicated to the bespoke suit and intellectual empowerment of men who aim to up their garment game. It’s just the sort of thing I set out to do with Lord Ashbury when I first started (you know, before I got bogged down with silly street-style nonsense!) — only the Kings are so fundamentally good at what they do. Recently, they unveiled The Shelby Knot Collection, an upscale line of neckties for the modern man.

Danny King: About a year and a half ago, we had this idea to create a line of neckwear as we’ve always loved ties. Early in the process, we got connected with Kingford Bavender, owner of Bavender Custom Clothiers. He helped us get connected with the right “tie people” and also introduced us to the art of the bespoke (or custom) suit. That’s what we’re wearing in the photos. Every detail has been chosen by us. The fabric, the buttons, the lapel style/width, the lining, the accent stitching, the fit, everything.

Danny continues: As twins, we’ve always gotten along extremely well and we’ve always talked about going into business in some way together. Growing up, clothing was one of the few ways we were able to be our own person, and distinguish ourselves from each other. As a result of this, we’ve always been very passionate about style.

In addition to the tie collection and their running instructional blog, the King Brothers are also available for personal consultation–whether you have an event, wedding, or are just looking for personal improvement, they’ve got you covered.