Lacoste FW16.

Spring Studio
New York Fashion Week


If anything, the new Lacoste FW16 collection is an evolution built out of the strongest aspect of the two most recent seasons — the fun retro tennis vibe of the FW15 series is a little more serious here, but with the angular touches of the splashy and at times abstract edges of the SS16 looks. Capes are certainly in a big way this season, and even when designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista opts for the trench, it flows with a nice set of classic trousers. It can’t be overstated how awesome the trench/trouser combination is, by the way. This collection looks great flying down the runway and the oversized fits aren’t heavy and weighed down. Completely related but off-topic, these looks remind me of how hip-hop fashion started in the Adidas is King era from the early 80s. Note to the kids: this is the kind of baggy you want.


lacoste fw16 - mica arganaraz
lacoste fw16 - Waleska Gorczevski and Julie Hoomans
lacoste fw16 - fernando cabral
lacoste fw16 - harleth kuusik and waleska gorczevski
lacoste fw16 - odette pavlova and arthur gosse

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