Lacoste SS15

Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week

As far as Spring/Summer collections go, the new Lacoste SS15 line is definitely more “spring” than “summer”, but this is necessary considering that Lacoste’s trademark of bright, vivid colours is how the season is supposed to begin anyway— Flowers in bloom, Rains to usher in the green, A date with the park for a much-needed picnic, And other assorted co-ed games… Going down the line of each piece, it’s easy to see how Felipe Oliveira Baptista has you covered: All-weather? Check. Sunday shop & stroll? Check. The perfect number for Instagram selfies by the harbour? Check. In full disclosure, while I’ve never explicitly written so in Lord Ashbury (and I had to double check to make sure), I’ve always been the biggest fan of Lacoste, wear the brand, and have often mentioned to friends and colleagues that it’s one of the few NYFW shows I would love to cover if there could only be one. So to have been approached by their PR team to represent the brand both on the runway and on the street was a high-water mark for me, and I was beyond grateful of the opportunity.

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ine neefs - lacoste ss15
elisabeth erm - lacoste ss15
elisabeth erm - lacoste ss15 (2)
katlin aas - lacoste ss15
katlin ass - lacoste ss15 (2)
sam rollinson - lacoste ss15
sam rollinson - lacoste ss15 (2)
ronja furrer - lacoste ss15
agne konciute - lacoste ss15
fei fei sun - lacoste ss15
marique schimmel - lacoste ss15
bianca padilla - lacoste ss15
amanda wellsh - lacoste ss15
margarita pugovka - lacoste ss15
juliana schurig - lacoste ss15
vasilisa pavlova - lacoste ss15
tilda lindstam - lacoste ss15
irina nikoleava - lacoste ss15
ine neefs - lacoste ss15 (2)
ine neefs - lacoste ss15 (3)
julia nobis - lacoste ss15 (2)
lexi boling - lacoste ss15