Larry Clark Stuff*

Milk Gallery Project, New York | 20:30 pm

American photographer and film director Larry Clark is either a cult legend or lurid exploiter, depending largely on not only one’s core set of values as it pertains to art but also one’s ability to accept (or not) the notion that sometimes art is quite simply the truth. While Lord Ashbury is not a “family blog”, its readership is so largely anonymous that I wouldn’t know how to preface any given post by warning them the readers if material forthcoming was not suitable to viewed in an office, or around sensitive company. For this reason alone, I can’t really show much of his photography that is on display at the Milk Gallery . . . but I can tell you that his film Kids made such an impression on me as a high school sophomore living in Kansas City that it would later shape the way I would write about coming of age experiences, and in particular, my second book.

But I can show you how the night went in general, which was rather fantastic. Super long photos, enjoy!