New York.

Canid in Kate Spade Dresses…

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West 14th Street, New York.

Here was a situation where a candid moment turned into something more. I spotted these two young women crossing the street on West 14th Street. Given their exceptionally bright colour and how well they complimented each other, I shot the frame above from the hip since they were walking toward me but cutting off down the adjacent street. They looked so great though that I had to stop and ask them for a proper photo (below):


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kate spade summer dresses
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What was great was that they seemed just as surprised to have dressed alike on this day as they were by the fact that I’d stopped them for a photo. “We we’re just talking about how funny it is that we dressed the same and what if someone on the street said something about it,” one of them said. So I went home thinking the entire time that I was going to post a frame of the two of them posed and staring into my lens. Instead, I came away with not one, but two great candids–the first photo at the very top of this post and the frame below, which I took while they were still shaking off their giddiness of being pulled aside.

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(Medium tangent: For those of you wondering, photographing a person while they’re moving and shooting from the hip aren’t mutually bound to each other; there are times when I’ll line up a shot and capture a candid in motion just as there are times when I will shoot someone from the hip who isn’t moving at all –they could be sitting, for instance. But what is always constant is that this is something I do when I am the one in motion. Shooting from the hip is exactly what it sounds like; I photograph while holding the camera down at my waist level. For me, shooting from the hit is something that I do when I want to capture a true candid, but it can easily be lost by stopping and lining up a shot. Why does this matter? Because, when shooting from the hip on a wide aperture setting it’s very, very easy to miss a shot. In fact, I probably miss more than I nail, which is what prompted me to stop these two after I took the shot from the hip–I was afraid that I’d miss the shot, and this pair looked way to good to miss! End tangent.)

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kate spade dresses
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