New York*

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Hudson Street, New York.

Two days ago I was walking along the same street when I spotted this vibrant dress floating along across the street and a block away. I slipped across the street to ask to take her photo–I hadn’t even completed my question when she informed me that I’d photographed her recently. Usually I’m very sharp at recognising the people I photograph, but it usually doesn’t kick in until after I’ve worked on the photo for the blog. There’s something about spending dedicated time with a person like that for 10, 20 minutes that burns their information in my brain. It’s almost like a sit-down, get-to-know you session (Like, if you went on a blind date with someone and the two of you sat down for dinner, you would not forget their face. Hopefully.) Below was from our first meeting–I took the above frame about a week ago just before sunset. The portrait had been queued to post today, mid-morning.

*Note the mixed socks in each photo. I was real big on doing this back in the spring. It’s simple thing that when done right, can really set off the uniqueness of an outfit.

Shoes: Doc Martens

street style

street style