New York.

West Broadway, New York.

Speaking of running into people twice–do you recognise the young woman in this portrait? If you follow the blog, you should; I wrote a rather lengthy post about my thoughts on hipster style after running into Ryah the first time in the East Village. When I saw her yesterday, the sun had set (don’t let the light in the photo fool you), she wasn’t wearing her hat or sunglasses, so I have to admit that I didn’t recognise her at all! Even though she’s wearing the same top denim layer, which really just made her overall appearance “familiar”, but nothing more. When I asked her about her skirt, she thought for a moment and said, “It’s actually the only thing I own from J. Crew.”

One more miscellaneous note that may only mean something to me: The first time I met Ryah, she was trying to hail a cab. She didn’t reluctantly, but … seemed to need to consider if she had time before agreeing to let me take her photo. Usually when people are like this I try to be courteous and work as quickly as possible. I took just two frames of her the first time we met, and quick tangent: this can go either way, the photos don’t always turn out that great when we hurry. But we nailed both of the frames to the point that I was actually surprised. This time I took two frames, but paused to allow cars on the other side of the street to pass us. I took two more, and again, she nailed every frame. While it’s sort of my job to make people appear like they’re photogenic, it isn’t always easy. It’s a rare quality that Ryah has to both be so relaxed in front of the camera and for the camera to love her so much.

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