New York.

East 11th Street, New York.

Last week, I’d gone to a small mixer for bloggers. I didn’t stay long, but one of the organisers was there, and she was expecting. Thing is, I didn’t realise it when I initially saw her from across the room. The place was dark, and she was dressed up completely in black. But I thought she looked amazing; I made it a point to go over just to see if I could ask to take her photo, when I noticed that she was expecting. Surprisingly–for me–the conversation didn’t shift. The fact that she was pregnant added to her overall beauty. You know that saying that mothers-to-be have a glow? She definitely did.

In the fall, expecting mothers have so many more options when it comes to being fashionable. In New York, these women are all over the place. But I’ll admit to being perplexed about them, because I know they have mixed feelings about their physical beauty, and I rarely, if ever see them in photos in a fashion context unless it’s specifically an ad for maternity clothes. I think about this stuff occasionally, and have often wondered if it is worth a portrait if I ultimately can’t use it for Lord Ashbury…

And then I have moments like Sunday morning when I see my friend Rachel and think it would be a shame to not capture her radiance.

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