Paris-Bound, & Other Musings.

Here’s a photo I took back in the summer of 2007, a photo I entitled “Parisian Children Playing”.

It was taken on Rue de Turbigo near Les Halles. This particular trip poses significance in my life as because it was the first time I set about photographing complete strangers in candid fashion. On this blog they appear as Untitled posts. During that particular month back on ’07 London, Rome and Florence were also visited–London first, but I didn’t take any candids there. It all really started with this photograph, and I remember it like it just happened: Patricia and I were walking south on Blvd de Sebastopol when we veered off on Rue de Turbigo, because it was lined with buildings that had the blue rooftops–hands down my favourite type of architecture on the planet. Just before we stumbled upon Les Halles we rounded a corner and there they were, these little kids playing on the sidewalk. Since I started shooting for Lord Ashbury I have an express rule not to photograph children, but there was no Lord Ashbury back in 2007; I just wanted to bring good photos home. I looked around to see if perhaps they belonged to any of the adults nearby, but nobody seemed particularly cautious of them. I crouched down to the ground and took the shot.

parisian children playing

The actual resolution; I had to enlarge the one up top to fit blog spec. Back then I was shrinking all my photos to fit on my hard drive. Silly rabbit...

I think this one photo perfectly sums up not only that trip, but my entire summer. Nowadays I walk the streets with a camera that’s 10x more expensive than what I had in my hand when I took this, but the cliched irony is never more apparent than it is here: it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the eye.

If I find time, perhaps I’ll post some other candids from this trip, if I can dig them up. Who knew five years later I’d be doing all this? I surely didn’t. In the meantime, I’m off to Paris for Fashion Week. Hopefully the run of nice, bright photos shall continue!