Rebecca Minkoff*

Greene Street, Soho | 20.00 pm

Last night, Rebecca Minkoff hosted a denim demolition party for her new pop up store in Soho. The evening was highlighted by a mix of a gorgeous crowd, effective drinks and DJ Kiss, who single-handedly managed to become my hands-down favourite DJ in NYC. While this was my 6th event attended in four nights (including 3 last night), it was easily my favourite, especially when a snazzy group of party-goers broke out into a dance in the middle of the store with every intention of transforming the evening to another level. It was reminiscent of my best party days in Hollywood several years ago. Ms Minkoff, who was on hand, graciously accepted the title for best night out in New York.

These photos were taken on my Fuji x100.

Enjoy responsibly.