Sabah Shoes, Sabah All the Time…

Lately I’ve been teaming up with the cool folks at Sabah House, a well-kept New York secret in the East Village. They sell super comfortable shoes (seen here) that are handmade and imported from Turkey. Although they have a website, there’s no online store; the shoes are sold directly from the showroom of Mickey Ashmore that doubles as his home. Customers find out about Sabah shoes via word of mouth, and what word of mouth they get! Every day, a steady stream of customers from all different backgrounds arrive at the Sabah House and ring the doorbell, and most enter with a similar story: “I was out one day with friends and So and So was wearing the shoes, and I asked where they got them; the shoes are awesome!” If you visit the Sabah House, you can expect Ashmore to treat you like a personal friend (Please, sit down and make yourself at home!) while checking out the various shoes they have to offer. Recently, the Sabah House jumped into the bag business… In this photo, you can see Gabby (from the Sabah House) carrying one of the leather bags—we had actually just finished roaming around Alphabet City taking product shots for the bag when I took this photo. (By the way, they didn’t ask me to post this, but I loved the way the photo turned out so here it is! I figured, if I’m going to post the photo, I may as well tell you about the shoes!)

As for finding your own Sabah shoes or bag, while there’s not a secret handshake necessary to enter the Sabah House, you can expect to wait a few weeks for your very own pair to arrive, they’ve become that popular.

gabby flibotte - sabah shoes (2)