She Loves White Wine. Trust Me.

I used to be a red wine kind of guy. Red meat with a California merlot was easy, no hashing over decisions and looking like I don’t know classy. But then a friend of mine took me to a singles wine tasting mixer. On the ballot it asks one to enter their name and their favourite type of wine. So I did, chose my merlot and thought nothing of it. Only when we got there, the mixer had all of these tables set up with different types of wine; you were assigned to your wine table. Ha ha, I thought, pretty clever. But then, then…! I realised that there were no women at my table. Why? Well it seems–and this is purely through my observation of only about 1,000 lunches and dinners with members of the opposite sex–women aren’t really fond of strong tannins. All the women were (in great disproportionate ratios) lined up and out at the white wine tables. Upon further inspection, I also noticed that different types of people were grouped at their respective tables; it was unintended clique-segregationing! No, that’s not a word! And the hottest table? Sauvignon blanc.

(I usually charge for this kind of advice. You’re welcome.)