New York.

Soho Street Style, Lafayette Street.

The weather is finally warming up for the spring, which means it’s time to return to the streets of NYC! I haven’t been on the hunt for great street style since returning from Europe with other projects looming and keeping me busy (hello, Tribeca Film Festival) — but when weeks like this happen it’s hard to stay indoors. Generally, for the first few days I do a lot of walking and collect very few portraits. I like to take the temperature of the city after a short break and just see what’s happening, where the trends are going and how people are making statements. I can easy go down to Starbucks in Soho and people watch for a couple of hours! So it’s common that the best photos I end up getting in any given day look like the one above, just a fleeting moment coupled with me being quick on the draw. Soho is great for that—stylish people can always be found just around the corner.

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