Somerset Twos*

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I’m keen on taking photos of people in pairs. In fact, I think that candid multiples are the most interesting type of portrait taken on the street. There is no sound or motion in a picture obviously, but unlike a singular pose, one can’t help but imagine the dialogue or situation amongst subjects like these.

Another reason that I love taking these kinds of shots is that they’re for me to take and keep on walking. When I compose a shot with one person, I have to take into account the framing, the detail of the clothing that I want to focus in on, and whether or not I’m catching the person at a flattering angle. With some of these, I literally snap the photo as we’re walking towards each other on the street, and in an instant, the moment is over. There’s no time to frame; I just have to trust that my light is in order and know that I might only have one chance to focus (I miss way more than I catch). But even in instances where I do frame a pair (see Linda & Niels), because I have to account for two people, the priority of what to focus on goes away completely and all I’m concerned with is the composition at large.

Anyway, enough babble. Enjoy.