Street Style 010.

street style

When I’m out shooting in New York I commonly run into people I like to call “Halfers”; or rather, people who dress fashionably well from the waist up only. Too often do I run into people with awesome coats, shirts, scarves, hats, etc, but below the belt they were ill-fitting jeans or blahblah sneakers; and I always think, But really, we were so close.
Except this guy.
Black sweats yes, but stitched proper with the future tech. Nikes yeah, but c’mon, he’s wearing black sweats.
And a denim shirt.
And the kind of scarf that’s supposed to look old and cheap if not for the dual surfacing.
The man was wearing the coolest hat I’ve seen in 2012.
And a Goodman and YSL bag? Game over!
I creeped him strutting hard through the open market at Union Square on Saturday and stole a shot of his newly acquired swag (Clicky) and had to stop him.
I need to come up with a Lord Ashbury Certified sticker or something and make him the first recipient.