The Tata Naka Twins*

The Tata Naka Twins, Paris.

Rue de Richelieu

Look who I found in Paris!

I’ve made no secret on this blog about my love for the Tata Naka collections, or the fact that when I’m in London for Fashion Week this is one of only two labels I will not break my schedule on. The fact that I hold this appointment as highly regarded as I do Burberry says quite a lot.

Of course, the story goes: I arrived in London for my second Fashion Week season to find that I didn’t have any passes or show invitations. Bemused, I decided to make a go of it and do the best I could shooting street style, which actually turned out to be a success. But I didn’t want to leave London without any sort of coverage on a line, so on my last day in the city, I stopped by Somerset House early in the morning and queued outside of the Taka Naka room—a label I had only heard of in name but was not familiar with at that time—I didn’t have a pass, but I had a big camera. After some polite explanation and words were exchanged with security, one of the PR girls allowed me to slip in once press had finished on the condition that I only shoot for ten minutes. Some moons later, one of the designers liked my picture on Instagram, and I raved back how much I loved their autumn/winter ’13 collection. I haven’t missed a presentation of theirs since.

I ran into the twins by chance by Le Palais Royal and as it turned out, their show room was right across the street. Next week, I’ll post some images from their upcoming spring/summer ’15 collection.


tata naka twins - Tamar and Natasha Surguladze
tata naka - Tamar and Natasha Surguladze (5)
tata naka twins - Tamar and Natasha Surguladze (4)
tata naka twins - Tamar and Natasha Surguladze (5)