Tribeca | 17.35 pm

I’ve spent the past few weeks covering the Tribeca Film Festival, so my daily shooting has been relegated to commissioned work. I still make time, however, to get together with subjects who really stood out on my initial meetings with them. Kerrin is a great example. Actually, when I first photographed her, we didn’t speak. It was during New York Fashion Week; I just snapped her and moved on. About a month later I was swapping emails with Suitcase editor Serena Guen and she mentioned that she knew Kerrin. Two days later I recognised her waiting at a stop light in Greenwich Village (or rather, I recognised her shoes).

Kerrin is the blogger for She strives to create a place where the world of fashion is Cool and Thoughtful. She showed up with an Opening Ceremony jacket and and especially cool Rodarte hoodie. I would describe her as surprisingly positive and optimistic–I include “surprisingly” because it’s true, but it at the same time so strange; I mean, are we now living in a world where positive people are now the exception and not the rule? Say it ain’t so.