The Blonds*

Milk Studios, New York.

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The Blonds are a duo who have always had a strong underground following, always put glam to the forefront of their themes, and have always been, well, blonds. When I look back on shows from past seasons, one thing has been particularly consistent about their designs–they’ve all rocked. Often, glam can get pretty trashy in a hurry–the construction is all wrong, the materials simply look cheap–but The Blonds manage to undercut their glamour with elegance; it’s a dance that requires a keen aesthetic eye. When I read how quickly they generally piece together collections from the sketchbook I was a little shocked. But aside from the technical aspects of the clothes, the best part about a Blonds show are all the celebrities that turn out whom you wouldn’t immediately expect. At fashion week, The Blonds throw the best runway party in town.

The Blonds (1)

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the blonds

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the blonds

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