Washington Square Park.

True story: So I took this photo two weeks ago, walked over to the young woman sitting to the left and handed her my card. The next day I checked out the list of new followers to my Tumblr (it is my custom to look at every blog that follows me) and noticed this photographer’s work. I was really impressed by the consistent aesthetical thread throughout all of her shots and wanted to leave her a message complimenting her so. Only her blog had no messaging option. I knew her name was Madelyn, so I stomped out her Facebook page but still, no messaging option. I thought, This is ridiculous; surely someone with this touch of skill would want people to know that they appreciate her work! Luckily, she added me as a friend and I sent her the message I’d been meaning to two days prior. Until this happened, I had no idea that the blog I liked so much belong to the person you see above. End of story. Well, not really.

So late last week I happened to be cruising through my news feed and I that one of her friends had posted this photo

posted to her wall along with the following conversation string:

“So this is weird, but I stubled upon this photographer last night… Is this you?! Pretty sure it looks like you… Holy fuck. I think it’s you.”

Hahaha. I was on the phone with her right after he took this photo.

“Weird. I was just flipping through his stuff and freaked out! Stumble Upon knows…”

oh wait, you said you were in a park? Matt, I dont think this is her. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her popped up on his feed some time soon.

“wait. so this isn’t her, but he really did take a picture of her? wtf!”

And he told her he was kind of a big deal…

“Hahaha. That’s a fantastic line. And even more creepy.”


To which she replied, “Weird! Ha no that is not me but he did take a photo of me sitting by the fountain in Washington Square Park. His photos are great”

End of story. And Jay, I didn’t tell her I was kind of a big deal, I told her she’d be famous for a week!