Virginie Sommet.

I met Virginie Sommet a while ago at Impossible Project’s gallery opening a few months ago. She was wearing jewels on her head and an outfit that I could only describe by saying… well I’d never quite seen anything like it before. I looked at her for a half-second and thought, ‘If I saw her on the street, I would definitely ask for a photograph.’ But given that the blog is mainly shot outdoors while the sun is out, the setting wasn’t ideal. I gave her my card and told her I wanted to take her picture anyway. She got back to me almost three months later.

An avant garde artist, Virginie has had her works in countless shows and instillations both in New York and Paris. We shot at her personal art studio in Soho–a space that turned out to be much, much bigger than I’d expected.

This is basically how she dresses all of the time, at least it has been the few times I’ve seen her in person. When I asked her about her shopping preferences, she replied, “I only buy vintage.” Her accessory pieces are all self-made; she specialises in ‘computer chip’ hand bling.

Virginie Sommet