The VSCO SS16 Yearbook*

The VSCO SS16 Yearbook


linda tol - vsco ss16 yearbook

For my final post of 2015, I wanted to share something that I’ve quietly been working on since the September fashion season (SS16). The photographs in this post are part of my VSCO SS16 Yearbook, and collectively they represent the portraits that were the most special to me this past year.

If you would like to read more about what the SS16 Yearbook is about and why it was sort of a big deal for me, as well as see all of the portraits, click here.

In a nutshell, I went into this last fashion season seeking some form of major change, and I found it: ditching my trusty Carl Zeiss 85mm portrait lens in favour of a wider 35mm lens to shoot more intimately during the fashion week season. Why does this matter? Because 35mm lenses are considered to be horrible for portraits; the lens is a wide angle, and capturing a portrait meant getting uncomfortably close to subjects and minding the fact that this lens might distort faces in an unflattering way. Used casually, a 35mm lens can produce subjects that are weird or un-compelling if the user doesn’t take proper care of framing.

Yes, this basically meant standing three feet away from Anna Wintour with my camera in her face and hoping she wouldn’t freak out. For the record, she did not. As for Mrs Carolina Herrera … let’s just say I’m still working on that.

anna wintour - vsco ss16 yearbook
ella catliff
hedvig palm new york 2015
carolina herrera - vsco ss16 yearbook

For a final word, I just wanted to give a shoutout for VSCO for all of the support and exposure they’ve afforded me in 2015. I can’t count the number of photos of mine that they curated for their global collection; it’s great motivation to keep working hard.

Click here: VSCO SS16 Yearbook