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Duane Street, New York | Friday

When I take photos at parties, I never quite know what to expect. Specifically, I never know how they’re going to turn out by the time they hit the blog. I check photos in my camera sometimes, but all I care about when I’m in the moment is making sure the frame is in focus. If I start critiquing my work, say, while I’m at a party, then I’m second-guessing and not working. Back when I posted photos from the 4th of July, I explained my process of sorting out and readying photos from parties for the next day, and how this was usually a 3 – 4 hour process. The photos from this party took me about 11 hours to prepare. I didn’t have more raw images from this party than usual, so I’m not sure what the issue was. Maybe I just believed in these more. I had some really great shots that I didn’t post because they’re a little too crazy for the blog, but that was a good problem–when I started this blog I envisioned it holding hands with both fashion and rock n roll. The latter never really happened though and so it settled into what it currently is. But given the fact that I’m dragging my camera to more and more events, hopefully the edginess continues. With this party in particular, while working on the photos this weekend I just thought, ‘I want this narrative to feel like a music video.’ Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke came to mind. Likewise, when I did the MoMa photos this past Friday I thought the same thing, that I wanted the narrative to feel like something you’d see on MTV. Overall, I’m pleased with the way the narrative material has been turning out, and in time, I hope Lord Ashbury does a better job of reflecting both my personality as well as stylistic vision.