Weekenders 100*

(Above: Central Park, New York)

One of the most frequent comments I get from readers is how much they like the Weekenders series. As some of you know, whenever I reach the 100th post of a particular series, I often like to go back to look at the other posts from the inception of the idea to present; it gives me insight both to the evolution of a simple idea or subject matter, but also the evolution of my own photography in relation to it. Unfortunately, I had already done a Weekenders retrospective at the end of 2012 which you can check out here.

2013 was a new year though, and I feel I’ve really evolved the scope of how I take these particular portraits and my ability to execute them.

So to recap: what are Weekenders? I like to think of the series as something that runs counter to street style; instead of presenting portraits of fashionable people, I’m presenting portraits of people who are completely normal, but there’s something about the moment or their surroundings that makes the scene fashionable. And while candid moments make up the large majority of my Weekenders portraits, there are also a few times where I asked people to pose:

union square street style

And sometimes I got caught:

new york street style

But mostly, I’m not after any particular scenario or moment. I just shoot it when I see it.

Rockaway 003, taken on a Saturday.

And here are my favourite Weekenders moments from 2013:

new york summer

london kids

apple picking

bryant park

new york street style

ny party

london street style

london street style

street style