Welcome to Dublin.

For me, before there was Radiohead, there was U2. Four friends who did the unthinkable, spending an entire career together as a band without ever breaking up or replacing any of its members. It’s a testament to true love for each other and craft, and in a strange way, a testament to the place they’re from, Dublin, Ireland.

Last September when I travelled to Europe for Fashion Week, I had a connecting flight at Dublin airport. I arrived very early in the morning at Terminal 2 and had to change planes; the short trip took me down the long passage that had its walls lined with all of these brilliant portraits of Irish people–some famous, other anonymous. After 50 metres or so I decided to stop and wait for all of the passengers to clear from my plane so I could go back and photograph as many of these as time would allow. The exhibition, entitled Faces of Dublin, was shot by photographer and artist Kevin Abosch. The collection features 250 portraits all taken simply against a plain black backdrop. Somehow I found the portraits moving, and I think it’s quite an effective way to introduce visitors one’s home (more airports should do this). It was my intention to display these shortly after Fashion Week ended back in October, but then I got a better idea–why not return to Dublin and actually photograph real people around the city? So that’s why I finally did, and this week I will be presenting some of my favourites on the blog.