Chelsey Bingham always had a passion for shopping vintage and thrift. She and her sister used to visit flea markets, thrift stores and vintage boutiques hunting for special, one-of-a-kind pieces. As the age of the Internet progressed, eBay made that sort of shopping experience available online, however it never really appealed to her on an intimate level; something was missing. For Chelsey, the attractive part of shopping secondhand is the exploration, the idea of unearthing some new special treasure. That’s why she invites you to Wiseling.com.

As a marketplace, members of the Wiseling community can shop secondhand clothing shoes and fashion accessories from the closets and shops of other members. Said Chelsey during a recent chat, “Etsy has done a really great job of bringing [the exploration] experience online, but its focus is lacking in terms of fashion. We wanted to create a peer-to-peer platform built specifically for pre-owned fashion that recreated the meaningful experience you get shopping in an intimate, physical setting.”

People often forget about clothing sitting buried in their closets. Wiseling makes it simple and easy to upload photos of the item and list them in their online closet. The site gives people an opportunity to get a return on their clothing purchases so they can focus on quality and not quantity. Said Chelsey, “We really want to phase out the idea of clothing being disposable. Shopping on Wiseling is simple. Our search filters are set up to facilitate any sort of shopping experience. Whether you are looking for a specific item on on our discovery quest, we aim to make that experience more meaningful.”

When asked what her longterm goals for Wiseling were, Chelsey replied, “We imagine a sort of revolution. A world where clothing is valued and treasured and purchases are thoughtful. More reuse and less clothing in landfills. Our name, Wiseling, gets its roots from the Dutch word wisseling which means a change or transformation. We’re not only encouraging a community to exchange clothing, we’re also trying to promote a greater transformation in the way the world treats it’s clothing. Essentially, we want to wear it out.”

Clothes found on Wiseling modeled by Rachel and Tessa. Hang out with them at:

(note: the full editorial from this shoot will be posted in my new portfolio this Friday, 8 June)